When in the Course of technological development, it becomes necessary for free people to reject the Terms of Service which have connected them with a platform, and to take back their Constitutional and Human rights, our great American traditions call on us to declare the causes which impel the separation.
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A Declaration of Internet Independence

When in the Course of technological development, it becomes necessary for free people to reject the Terms of Service which have connected them with a platform, and to take back their Constitutional and Human rights, our great American traditions call on us to declare the causes which impel the separation.

Twitter once pledged to be a Public Square, where all peaceful voices were promised respect and equal right to be heard. With that promise in hand, The People propelled Twitter to position of great prominence. 

But absolute power corrupts absolutely. And Twitter has proven no different.

Twitter long ceased to be a public square. They are now merely a publisher. And a bad, biased publisher at that. They have become a Tech Tyrant, stepping on our Freedoms to push their agenda driven narrative.

The People spoke up. We spoke up and asked Twitter to keep their word. But the Tyrant has rebuked us and refused to listen.

Like Charles Foster Kane, they want The People to think what they tell them to think.

This Tech Tyrant has banned millions of Americans for their political ideology. 

They manipulate their platform to hide information. They shadow ban, trick and deceive.

The have become enablers, and often leaders, of the vicious cancel-culture mob who goose-step through our online communities and scream down those who dare to disagree.

They unleash biased so-called “fact checkers” to undermine critical thinking and remove content that challenges their corporate self-interest. 

They threaten all of us with digital extermination should we dare to challenge them, chilling debate and forcing the People to self-censor.

The Technofascists pretend their Orwellian pursuit of “truth” is in our best interests, and the greater good.  But the Tyrants are no better than Elsworth Toohey, compelling The People to abandon our principles as they seek to grow their power.

And, this Tech Tyrant has done all this while stealing, abusing and pillaging our personal data, dehumanizing us all.

The People are left with no choice but to leave Twitter. To #Twexit.

We hold these truths to be self-evident that it is time for a change. Therefore, We the People stand together to sign the following Pledge against Twitter and all other Technofascists:

  • We Americans, as enshrined in our Constitution, value most the protection of Individual Liberty.
  • Technofascists are harvesting massive amounts of our personal data through deceptive and unscrupulous means.
  • These Tech Tyrants abuse our privacy, selling our personal information to the highest bidder, leaving it damaged and broken.
  • Tech Tyrants has enriched themselves with trillions of dollars fleecing us.
  • The Tech Tyrants have broken their promise of a Public Square. Instead, they censor us to push their own agenda driven narrative.
We The People have had enough!

  • We demand Free Speech. Free Speech is a sacred tool of the American tradition we use to solve our most difficult problems.
  • We call for on-line Public Squares where we are free to debate, discuss, challenge and Parley.
  • We believe that The People, not the Tech Tyrants, must share in the value of monetizing our data. 
  • We reject government interference and Trojan Horse regulations that would crush innovation and only tighten the Technofascist hold on the Internet.
  •  We call for free and fair thinkers of all faiths, creeds, parties and ideologies to exercise their Liberty and #Twexit.

Demand Liberty
#Twexit to Parler
A Reclamation of Our Rights
The People have expressed a desire, in order to stop Technofacism, that our Digital Rights be enumerated.

The Internet was created to a place of endless promise, made possible by ethics, enlightened self-interest and commonweal, not through compulsion, coercion or force. There was to be no central authority but be instead a melting pot of sovereign People brought together through permissionless volunteerism. It was a place of true equal and unfettered access, devoid of any censor or censorship where all were welcome and respected regardless of race, gender, philosophy, ideology, station of birth or socio-economic status. It was to be a place of true equality where identity provides no privilege.

As Tech Tyrants form an Oligarchy to control, censor and moderate the Internet and its content and co-opt our personal data, they are on the precipice of destroying that original vision and its promise to lift up Humankind.

Therefore, it is resolved by We The People that our following rights be restored. We say no more censorship, no more suppression of critical thinking and chilling of dissent. We demand an end to the Tech Tyrants abuses of power, their spying, privacy violations and dehumanization. 

We declare that every individual be valued and respected.

And we demand that the Technofascist assault on our Liberties end. 

We present this Tech Bill of Rights to extend to all free and sovereign People.
  1. Tech Tyrants that claim to be a Public Square shall write no Terms of Service that censor, ban, suppress, silence or throttle Free Speech based on religion, political party or ideology. 
  2. Privacy and security being necessary for a Free and Open internet, the rights of end-to-end encryption and decentralized solutions shall not be infringed.
  3. No malicious spyware, tracking programs or other such software may be installed on our computers, devices or persons without our full knowledge, authorization and informed consent.
  4. The rights of the People to be secure in their computers, devices, files and personal data shall not be violated.  No information shall be shared with a third party of any kind, either public or private, without our full knowledge, authorization and explicit consent.
  5. Neither Tech Tyrants nor Government shall collect, mine, harness or store the Peoples personal data to track, monitor, surveil or prosecute in an extrajudicial manner. Data is our Property. Datashould only be used with our permission, and on our behalf. Data must be portable and transferable anywhere at any time. The holder is just a curator or agent on our behalf and has no rights of ownership.
  6. The People have the right to be free from Cancel Culture and on-line mobs that bully and intimidate us into surrendering our Liberties. Dispute resolution shall occur through rule of law and peer to peer solutions, not by appealing to centralized authority to rule by force.
  7. The powers and rights not delegated to Government or Corporations shall also not be extended in Cyberspace and shall be left to the People. 
Demand Liberty
#Twexit to Parler
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